[TRANSLATION]采莲曲 – Melody of Lotus Seed Picking


Melody of Lotus Seed Picking

Author: Bai Li(AD701-AD762, Tang Dynasty)

Translator: Lei Fan 2016 in Chicago


Young girls picking lotus seeds are gathered next to Ruoye Stream,

What intertwined with the lotus are their giggles and whispers.

Their elaborate makeups illuminate even the bottom of the water,

long sleeves waving in the air, brushed by the fragrant breeze.

Look! Who are those handsome and elegant lads on the banks,

lingering among those drooping willows, in twos and threes.

I am riding a steed, whizzing through the falling flowers,

Passing these young souls, leaving lonely and sorrowfully…



Image Courtesy: www.jiyatang.net  作者:蔡志坚 江南可采莲


2 thoughts on “[TRANSLATION]采莲曲 – Melody of Lotus Seed Picking

    • Thank you for your comments, my plan is one translation per day, so definitely more to come, 🙂 thank you for your support and following!


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