[TRANSLATION]月下独酌其二 – Drinking lonely with the moon, No.2


Drinking lonely with the moon, No.2

Author: Bai Li(AD701-AD762, Tang Dynasty)

Translator: Lei Fan 2016 in Chicago


If heaven does not like wine,

then god of wine should not be listed in celestial court.

If earth does not like wine

then there should be no wine springs effervesce.

Since both heaven and earth are fond of wine,

For my hobby, I have no regret.

I heard saints drink wine that is clear,

And sages only drink wine that is turbid.

Since both saints and sages drink wines,

Why do I still care to seek for eternal life?

With three cups, I can grasp all doctrines from Confucianism,

Drinking a barrel just corresponds with harmonious Taoism.

O! Only I can appreciate the savour of the wine,

It can never be explained to someone who is awake.










Image Courtesy: 戴卫-酒仙作品拍预展



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