[TRANSLATION]登高丘而望远 – Stand on mountain, gaze afar


Stand on mountain, gaze afar

Author: Bai Li(AD701-AD762, Tang Dynasty)

Translator: Lei Fan 2016 in Chicago


Standing on the mountain,

Gazing afar.

The six God-Sent Giant Turtles who bear the holy mountains,

Their remnant bones already turned frosty pale.

And those mountains, where are they floating to?

The mystic tree called Fusang growing at where the sun rises,

Now withered, with fainted daylights.

Those silver terraces, golden watchtowers, once seen in my dreams,

Sunk with emptiness, Qing and Han Emperors wait inside.

The drowning soul turned bird called Jingwei tried to rock fill the ocean, in vain.

Since the holy mountains are no where to be found,

Where are those once legendary beasts sheltered today?

Can’t you see the mausoleum in Li Mountain has already turned to ashes,

Even shepherds are free to run up, competing with rock climbing.

Buried treasures and jewelries has taken by ghouls,

What are the souls of those buried warriors and servants able to do?

Once militaristic, warmongering tyrannies! Look at yourselves today!

Have you casted your divine tripod and found the dragon,

For you to ride to immortality?











Image Courtesy: zh.awsa.wikia.com 蓬莱仙境图



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