[TRANSLATION]寄王屋山人孟大融 – A poem for Darong Meng who lives in Mountain Wangwu


A poem for Darong Meng who lives in Mountain Wangwu

Author: Bai Li(AD701-AD762, Tang Dynasty)

Translator: Lei Fan 2016 in Chicago


I used to get inebriated on the ocean at far east.

I used to devour the purple afterglow on Mount Lao.

I once met Qigong An who lived thousand years,

The date ate by him was as big as a fresh squash.

I started to serve our emperor at my middle age,

Decided to leave the court and travel around.

Once young and handsome face has lost its gloss,

Grey and silver hairs have climbed onto my head.

What I crave for now is the celestially brewed wines,

helping me step onto the carriage able to reach clouds.

I am willing to follow you my mentor to the temple of heaven,

Where I could sweep the falling flowers with deities at leisure.


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