[TRANSLATION]君马黄– Your horse is yellow


Your horse is yellow

Author: Bai Li(AD701-AD762, Tang Dynasty)

Translator: Lei Fan 2016 in Chicago


Your horse is yellow,

My horse is white.

The colors are different,

But there is no estrangement between our hearts.

We travel together and enjoy the life,

On the street of Luo Yang, we walk side by side.

Our long swords are shiny,

Our tall fancy hats are glamourous.

The fur coat we wear well worth thousand golds,

And we both serve the baronages with powers.

However, even tiger will one day fall in a trap,

Great warriors might also be treated unjustly.

True friendship can only be tested in calamity,

Selfishness will bring nothing but only damages.



年代:  作者: 李白
Image Courtesy: 例诗兔君马黄

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