[TRANSLATION]登峨眉山– Climb Mount Er’Mei


Climb Mount Er’Mei

Author: Bai Li(AD701-AD762, Tang Dynasty)

Translator: Lei Fan 2016 in Chicago


There are many celestial mountains in land of Shu,

Among them, no one could compare to Mount Er’Mei.

I attempt to climb, journey around for the views,

How can I appreciate magnificent scenes all at once?

Aeruginous peaks outline the immense sky,

Luxuriant and vivid hues like they are on canvas.

Amused by the floating purple cloud around me,

I feel I almost harness the spells of immortality.

In the clouds, melodies fly out from my jade flute,

Sitting by cliff, I start to play my precious zither.

Seeking for eternity in my whole life,

The pleasure and sin of the profane world, ends here.

My face fades into the air full of celestial energy,

The philistine anxiety and distress suddenly vapour.

If I meet the saints who ride goats on the winding path,

I will walk with them hand in hand, leap across the shining sun.



Image Courtesy: 广州市皇玛拍卖有限公司- 六九艺术网0192 施云翔峨眉仙山秀绝图

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