[TRANSLATION]山人劝酒– Persuaded to drink by people lives in the mountain


Persuaded to drink by people live in the mountain

Author: Bai Li(AD701-AD762, Tang Dynasty)

Translator: Lei Fan 2016 in Chicago


Vigorous pine trees stand straight and reach the clouds,

Like the open-minded Four Intellectuals of Mt. Shang.

Genial wind of spring, who do you breeze through for?

In a blink butterflies are everywhere on the grass field.

Look at these four aged with silver hairs and eyebrows,

Bodies still in good shape, and they are full of energies.

Claim to seek asylum in the mountains from Qin Dynasty,

Drinking everyday, making fun of each other like kids.

Getting along with elks is their simple aspiration,

Ashamed for the dragon tiger fight of officialdom.

But when they were asked to assist the crown prince,

Even the emperor was shocked by their comebacks.

He turned to the empress and said, ‘with their aid,

My son now had strong wings and feathers, ready to take off.’

When things were settled, they returned to Mt.Shang,

Like floating clouds, come and go freely, and emotionlessly.

Raise our cups, toast to the recluses of the ancient times,

For been with such noble and unsullied spirits.

Singing loudly, fixate our sights to the sacred mountains,

I wish I could forge a congenial friendship with you four.

Image Courtesy: 藏文阁山人劝酒

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