[TRANSLATION]月下独酌其四 – Drinking lonely with the moon, No.4


Drinking lonely with the moon, No.4

Author: Bai Li(AD701-AD762, Tang Dynasty)

Translator: Lei Fan 2017 in Chicago


People’s gloomy mood consists of endless streams of anxieties,

But I have three hundred cups of fine brewed wines.

The sad sentiments still outnumber the cups of wines,

So why not pour the last drop and keep the melancholy away.

I know myself can drink like a whale,

My heart can only open while I am inebriated.

Saint Su Ci could only live reclusively in the Mt. Shou Yang,

Scholar Hui Yan has to suffer the hunger if no food and wine offered.

If people do not live the life and enjoy drinking,

What could they do with the undeserved fames and reputations?

The best dishes go with the wine are the crab legs held in my hand,

Wine lees pile up like a small massif, no! The celestial Mount. named Peng Lai!

Let’s simply taste the fine wine for this moment,

By the bright moon light, intoxicate and sleep on top of the terrace.


穷愁千万端。 美酒三百杯。 
愁多酒虽少。 酒倾愁不来。 
所以知酒圣。 酒酣心自开。 
辞粟卧首阳。 屡空饥颜回。 
当代不乐饮。 虚名安用哉。 
蟹螯即金液。 糟丘是蓬莱。
且须饮美酒。 乘月醉高台。

Image Courtesy: 李白《月下独酌四首》全诗赏析学习岛

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