[TRANSLATION]僧伽歌 – The song of Seng Qie


The song of Seng Qie

Author: Bai Li(AD701-AD762, Tang Dynasty)

Translator: Lei Fan 2017 in Chicago


A sacred monk who has a holy name called Seng Qie,

We sometime discuss the three approaches to nirvana.

Recite the scripture and chant the incantation thousand times,

Like the uncountable sands rest in the River Ganga.

This monk used to live in the South Sindhu,

To propagate the Buddha Dharma he travels to this land.

Peaceful as fall moon in the sky is his tranquil mind,

His heart is pure as water lilies, spotless, without a dust.

He looks righteously awe-inspiring,

Attained by his serene innermost.

His temperament is just right and pleasant,

Slightest adjustment is considered unnecessary.

The jar in his hand holds Buddha’s relic from thousand years ago,

The pig-weed staff he carries is probably older.

He shows his compassion since we both wander throughout our lives,

Signs pitifully as no one ever elaborate to me the difference between fulfillment and emptiness.

One conversation with him extricates myself from my sins,

In our bends and bows, I am freed from all of my past faults.

Image Courtesy: 僧伽歌图 郭西元作品

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