[TRANSLATION]白毫子歌 – Song of Haozi Bai


Song of Haozi Bai

Author: Bai Li(AD701-AD762, Tang Dynasty)

Translator: Lei Fan 2017 in Chicago


Haozi Bai, one of the eight Huai Nan Hermits,

Indeed lives in the mountains of Huai Nan.

Lies on the boulders under clouds and pines,

Dines with the stalactite in the morning.

Rolling hills stand in front of the rivers,

Water circles near the verdant and perpendicular cliffs.

I also live like Haozi Bai,

Drink alone underneath the glow of sunset.

Sitting on ancient lichens, I touch the flowers gently, play the zither,

Under the ivies, the breeze caresses my face.

The bleak sound from the ocean of pines wave through the window,

Next to the bluffs, it purifies my ears and souls.

I heard Haozi Bai later became saint,

Sadly I have not witnessed with my own eyes.

Eight Hermits all went to heaven riding clouds with five hues, hand in hand,

Left me alone, wistfully with the Osmanthus trees they once planted.





Image Courtesy: [转载]【国画】清代.翁绶琪作品精选集新浪博客

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